Niagara is one step closer to more mental health funding.

Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates introduced a motion in the legislature yesterday; to allow mental health services in St. Catharines and The Falls to remain open 24/7. He would also like to open an around-the-clock location in Welland.

His motion got support from members of all parties in Queens Park yesterday.

Gates says this is great news for the Region.

“This is just another example of how, when we come together as a community, when we work together and when we raise our voices, we can get things done. We worked with community members to show the need for this, and I’m proud to see that the legislature agrees. Now, we’ll move forward to get a timeline on that funding and to get these facilities up and running. This is an important piece, though just one part, of what we can do as a community to say to those struggling, ‘You’re not alone, you’re loved and we care.'”

The motion would also introduce in-person crisis intervention and resources for family members and loved ones caring for someone who struggling with their mental health or an addiction.


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