Photo: Matt McDougall (Giant Shoe Creative Agency)

This 2018 Shoebox Project for Shelters campaign is wrapping up in St. Catharines.

They will be holding their big wrap up party at the Real Canadian Superstore this Sunday, so people still have time to fill their a shoebox with gifts.

Co-Lead Debbie Swartz says each donation will benefit a local woman in need who is supported by a shelter or agency.

“Somebody who is currently homeless or at risk of homeless. It can be somebody you don’t even realize; a friend or somebody at your children’s school. It’s people going through difficult times and it could happen to any of us.”

Swartz says each box contains about $50 worth of gifts.

“Anything you might buy a friend or a relative who is a woman. I think in my box I would love some fuzzy socks, some new mittens, some really good chocolate, maybe some lip balm or some nice body cream and hair products.”

The Lock Street Brewery will also be holding a fundraiser for Shoebox for Shelters and the Toolbox Project for men on Friday December 14th at the Penn Centre.

Proceeds from their pint sales will benefit both organizations. They will also have shoeboxes on hand, so people can fill them up and donate if they miss their chance this week.



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