Photo credit: Supplied by Joe Caruso

They are riding for Bonnie Caruso.  The 2nd Annual Lets Ride for Her Poker Run is happening tomorrow, starting at St. Catharines Moose Lodge 936 at 92 Permilla Street.  The event is raising money for Ovarian Cancer Canada.

Joe Caruso is putting together the event alone this year, after losing his wife Bonnie to ovarian cancer on March 6th.  Last year, the couple rode together and the event raised $6,000.  This year, Caruso wants to surpass the $10,000 mark.

He says breast cancer gets over $50-million a year for research, while ovarian cancer gets only $13-million.  Caruso says there is something wrong with this and is calling for action from the federal government.  Donations are being accepted online here.


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