They’re choosing July 28 to take a stand. At War for Animals Niagara plans to stage a large-scale protest in Niagara-on-the-Lake against specieism and the use of animals for human benefit. The group that’s about 25 people strong, has been staging smaller scale protests but has received interest from over 100 people for the end of the month protest.
Laura Sentineal, co-owner of Sentineal Carriages, says that she feels the protesters often get things mixed up with regards to how her horses are treated and acquired. She mentions that six of her horses were actually rescued from going to slaughter facilities and that they’re given a wonderful life, love, and a home. Karen Jones, a longtime friend of the Sentineals, says that she plans on being on Queen Street at the Prince of Wales Hotel on July 28 but instead, standing on the other side of the protesters in support of the carriages and horses. She encourages others to join her and says that so far, she and her family have gotten a lot of support from the community.


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