Photo: Brock University

Brock University is on the lookout for more host families for their Homestay program.

It matches an international English Language (ESL) student with a local family, so they have a place to stay throughout their studies while experiencing Canadian family life.

Leigh-Ellen Keating, the Director of Brock International, says they have welcomed students from across the globe.

“Currently we have a lot of students from China, Japan, Korea and Mexico. Historically we’ve had Turkey, Saudi Arabia and we’ve had some from other parts of Latin America and the Middle East.”

The length of stay varies depending on the student.

Host families have to meet the following requirements;

– Home must meet rental property requirements.

– Home must have one bedroom with a window for student.

– Host family must offer student three meals a day.

– Each member of the family over 18 years of age must have a criminal record check.

This has been a long standing program at the university. Keating is very proud of how it has blossomed throughout the years.

“It builds really strong relationships that last a lifetime and we would love to welcome more people into the program.”

You can find more information online here.



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