UPDATE: The special weather statement has ended.


There is a special weather statement in effect for Niagara.

Meteorologist Peter Kimbell says there’s a mixed bag of weather conditions in the forecast for today.

“It’s basically a little bit of snow mixed with ice pellets and maybe freezing rain. Then it’s going to come to an end, there will be a pause and then basically temperatures will warm up this afternoon and we’ll basically have showers and temperatures above zero this evening.”

The snow and ice pellets could create slippery road conditions.

Kimbell says we can also expect strong winds later on.

“We have a tropical low pressure coming through with a warm front. That warm front is basically going to be accompanied by some strong south-west winds this evening and overnight; gusting up possibly as high as 70 kilometres an hour, bringing warmer conditions and the temperature rising to plus 7.”

The expected high for tomorrow is plus 8. This is very out of the ordinary for this time of year, considering the average daytime high for January is zero.



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